MTOys MS028 Nicholson 1/6 Scale Action Figure

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MTOys MS028 Nicholson 1/6 Scale Action Figure

Part list:
-About 30 cm high
-Hyperactive plastids with more than 30 joints
-Fine carved movable eye plain head carving
-Finely carved movable eye makeup head carving
-8 interchangeable palms with gloves, including:
-One (1) pair of open palms
-One (1) pair of relaxed palms
-One (1) pistol in right hand
-One (1) right palm for placing the remote radio
-One (1) holding a wand in his right hand
-One (1) left palm for handheld interphone

Clothing accessories:
-One (1) purple top hat
-One (1) Purple chef hat
-One (1) Purple Tuxedo
-One (1) Turquoise scarf
-One (1) orange shirt
-One (1) Turquoise vest
-One (1) Turquoise tie with dot pattern
-One (1) pair of purple and Turquoise plaid pants with suspenders
-One (1) pair of purple shoes
-One (1) pair of purple socks
-One (1) one piece fattening clothes

-One (1) long pistol
-One (1) shotgun
-One (1) remote control
-One (1) magic wand
-One (1) interphone
-One (1) loudspeaker
-One (1) chattering tooth
-One (1) mask
-One (1) clown card
-One (several) simulated currencies
-One (1) dummy bracket


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