INART 1/6 Scale Harry Potter (School Uniform) Standard Version

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INART 1/6 Scale Harry Potter (School Uniform) Standard Version

The INART 1/6 Scale Harry Potter (School Uniform) Standard version includes a range of accessories and features to enhance the collectible figure. Here is a breakdown of what is included:

  1. Movable Body: The figure comes with a fully movable body, allowing for various poses and articulation.

  2. Movable Eye Sculpted Hair Sculpture: The head sculpt features sculpted hair with movable eyes, adding realism to the figure.

  3. Round Glasses: Harry Potter's iconic round glasses are included.

  4. College Uniform Shirt: A shirt designed in the style of the Hogwarts school uniform.

  5. Gryffindor Tie: The tie representing Harry Potter's house, Gryffindor.

  6. College Uniform Sweater: A sweater matching the Hogwarts uniform.

  7. Gryffindor Scarf: Harry Potter's Gryffindor house scarf.

  8. College Uniform Trousers: Trousers that complete the school uniform ensemble.

  9. College Uniform Wizard Robe: A robe designed in the style of the Hogwarts uniform.

  10. College Uniform Winter Cloak: A cloak suitable for colder weather, also part of the school uniform.

  11. Black Leather Shoes: A pair of shoes to complete the outfit.

  12. Socks: A pair of socks to wear with the shoes.

  13. Natural Hand Shape: A pair of interchangeable hands with a natural pose.

  14. Right Hand Shape for Holding a Staff: A hand specifically designed to hold a staff accessory.

  15. Right Hand for Holding a Magic Stone: A hand with a grip to hold the Philosopher's Stone.

  16. Right Hand for Holding a Book: A hand designed to hold a book accessory.

  17. Right Hand for Holding a Broom: A pair of hands specifically designed to grip a broom.

  18. Left Hand for Holding a Lantern: A hand designed to hold a lantern accessory.

  19. Relaxed Hand for Gloves: A pair of relaxed hands suitable for wearing gloves.

  20. Right Hand for Making a Fist Glove: A hand with a closed fist, suitable for wearing a glove.

  21. Right Hand Glove for Holding the Wand: A gloved hand specifically designed to hold a wand.

  22. Philosopher's Stone: The iconic Philosopher's Stone, a key element from the Harry Potter series.

  23. Philosopher's Stone Packaging: A packaging box that includes the Philosopher's Stone accessory.

  24. Hogwarts Sorting Hat: The Sorting Hat used to assign students to their respective Hogwarts houses.

  25. Chocolate Frog: Three chocolate frog accessories.

  26. Chocolate Frog Packing Box: A box designed to resemble the packaging of a chocolate frog.

  27. Harry Potter Wand: Harry Potter's wand, an essential tool for magic.

  28. Harry Potter Wand Storage Box: A box designed to store and protect the wand.

  29. Lantern: A lantern accessory.

  30. Hogwarts Express Ticket: A ticket representing the famous Hogwarts Express train.

  31. Birdcage: A birdcage accessory.

  32. Hedwig: Harry Potter's pet owl, Hedwig.

  33. Hedwig's Grip Arm and Foot Replacement Parts: Replacement parts to adjust Hedwig's pose on the figure.

  34. Magic Broom: A broom accessory.

  35. Hogwarts Textbook: Two textbooks related to the magical curriculum at Hogwarts.

  36. Hogwarts Acceptance Letter: A set of acceptance letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

  37. Standard Magnetic Floor: A magnetic floor piece to provide stability and support for the figure.

These accessories and features make the INART 1/6 Scale Harry Potter (School Uniform) Standard version a comprehensive collectible figure for fans of the Harry Potter series.

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